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Christmas Delivery Dates

Mosquito Close Up

Why do mozzies like some people and not others?

You may think this is an odd thing to ponder, but it’s been nagging at me to find out why mosquitoes seem to like some people more than others. Just recently Mr Lilee got bitten to shreds by a mosquito (or several) at a friend’s place, and I got zero bites. So yes, he is the someone they like and I am the someone they don’t, what makes us so tasty to them or not?! I always had a theory its because I have taken a lot of antihistamine in my time for chronic hayfever, so I have ‘sour’ blood, but there must be something else to it. I went to investigate and here’s what I found:

  1. Blood type – they find some blood types more appetising than others. Research has shown that they will bite people with a type O blood type nearly twice as much as those with type A. Also, the majority of people secrete a chemical signal that they are one blood type or another.
  2. CO2 – they can smell carbon dioxide in our breath, the more CO2 the better!
  3. Exercise – mozzies can detect substances in our sweat and love someone with a higher body temperature (great excuse to get out of that run you were dreading!).
  4. Skin bacteria – mmmm yum!
  5. Beer – a study has found that just one bottle of beer can make you more attractive to mozzies. Must be a lot of drunk mozzies flying about!
  6. Pregnancy – pregnant women exhale more carbon dioxide and have a higher body temperature.
  7. Colour of your clothes – apparently they can see and will spot you if you’re wearing colours that stand out.
  8. Genetics – it just is!

So don’t wear bright colours, drink beer, get pregnant, exercise or breathe, and you should be alright! But then probably not if it’s in your genes anyway.

Apparently there is a study of people that don’t get bitten as much, to see what substance they are letting off that mozzies are not attracted to. Perhaps I should put my hand up for that one…

One way to ensure that you keep those pesky mozzies away is to use a repellent. Choose a natural product like Melvory Skincare’s Bugs Off Spray.

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