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Make your own toilet fizzy

For a fresh, toxin free loo clean, this toilet fizzy is so easy to make at home. You can put the mixture in moulds but I find this better loose so that you can sprinkle it around the sides of the toilet bowl.

Grab yourself an airtight glass jar (Kmart sell some cheap ones) and mix the following ingredients in a bowl – I keep a separate mixing bowl for projects like this involving essential oils as I find the smell lingers even after washing and wouldn’t taste so good in a cake!

What you’ll need

1 cup bi carb soda
1/3 cup citric acid
20 drops of essential oils depending on your favourite scents (I particularly like citrus scents for the bathroom)
Some dried rosemary leaves from the garden if you have a plant (optional)


Give it a good mix after a few drops of oil to work it through – stir with a plastic or wooden spoon, not a metal spoon as it can trigger a reaction with the citric acid.

Store in a cool, dry place. When you’re ready to make your loo sparkle, first wet the sides of the bowl with a brush, sprinkle the fizzy liberally, whizz around with the brush and flush. After cleaning you could disinfect by spraying a homemade citrus cleaner.

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