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About us


My name is Katie and I founded Lilee to share my passion for finding natural products for my family, and to create more opportunities for parents to purchase safe, non-toxic products for their children. I started out on my own journey to get rid of all toxins in my family’s personal care products in 2016. Since then I have found some amazing brands that I want to share with others, so that they too can stop buying unnecessary, toxic products that are bad for your health.

Lilee focuses on natural, non-toxic, safe ingredients for your children. All the products that I stock are cruelty free and organic where possible.

Currently I stock natural kids makeup sets, kids nail polish, natural kids bubble bath and bath wash, kids shampoo, hair spray and detangler, lip balm, natural kids eczema treatment, insect repellent for babies and kids, and baby suncreen.

Kids love to emulate and pretend to be grown ups, however as we would never give them adult kitchen utensils for their pretend play kitchen, they should not be using adult skincare products for their dress-up play. I have carefully curated kids makeup sets that are perfect gifts for young, imaginative minds and safe alternatives to the toxic products you can buy in the shops.

I hope you love these products as much as I do.

Katie xx

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